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    I don’t have any fancy pictures to go with this, but I felt like I needed to share. I work in a hospital in an intensive care unit. The other day I had a patient, young 18 year old kid who came in with a serious heart infection, blood and lung infection; the type of infection we usually expect…

    Have been browsing this tumblr for like an hour now.

    I’m a body mod virgin and even I know that getting your mates to do tattoos in their kitchen is the stupidest fucking idea you could have. It looks awful, you’re stuck with it forever and oh yeah, it’s really, really unsanitary. 

    Same goes for piercings. I’ve seen enough infections from self-done piercings in my time to know never to get your mates to do it while drunk and I’m so so glad that my friends have grown out of that now.

    I hope…

    *suspicious eyes*

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    I don’t have any fancy pictures to go with this, but I felt like I needed to share. I work in a hospital in an intensive...
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    Seriously read this. NEVER get a tattoo from someone that is NOT licensed in tattoo artistry. If you can, go to a shop....
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